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News Items
2011-11-20 Released ProcessTiming rev12
CSV reader now accepts ISOLatin1 files and DOS line endings
2011-11-05 Released ProcessTiming rev11
Added german localization
2011-11-04 ProcessTiming web page now online!
ProcessTiming is now hosted on SourceForge.

ProcessTiming was designed to assist during the manual development/processing of photographical films and papers, for example using a Jobo CPE2 processor.

During development, timing is critical: Chemicals are poured in a film tank, where they interact with the film, and after a certain time, the chemicals must be switched.

ProcessTiming helps your Mac to become an advanced alarm clock, reminding the user to switch the chemicals. The program has insanely huge font sizes, to be visible from a distance.

ProcessTiming can be extended for use with other processes simply by adding a file to a certain directory. Read more about adding your own process plan.

It is OSS / FS licensed under the GNU GPL.

Basic Usage

Adding your own Process Plans

A process is defined in CSV file format (note: a semicolon, not a comma, is used as a delimiter). A process is a list of phases, each phase has two aspects: a duration and a phase name. Therefore the CSV scheme must be according to the following example:

6:30;First developer
1:00;Wash 1
1:00;Wash 2
6:00;Color developer
1:00;Wash 1
1:00;Wash 2
6:00;Bleach Fix
2:00;Wash 1
2:00;Wash 2
The first line (header line) is mandatory and must be literally Duration;Phase. The second and following lines must have the following cells, separated by a semicolon ; symbol: ProcessTiming can be extended for use with other processes simply by a CSV file of the above scheme to the directory ~/Library/Application\ Support/ProcessTiming/ The file name of the CSV file shows up in the You can use the preference dialog to open the directory for you, add the file, then click the Refresh button in the preference dialog to load the new file(s).

Changing the Alarm Sound

Use the preference dialog to choose between multiple alarm sounds.

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